available cars for rent islamabadFirstly, it may seem to be common observations of daily road life in Pakistan. We come across with seeing a lot of accidents on the roads and people are blaming each other and most of the time it end up with fight. The crowd gathers around such those accidents and it becomes very difficult to figure out true witness of those accidents. But in the countries like U.A.E and Europe these accidents are catered in a much decent way. Accidents are caused due to the carelessness of the drivers and it can be either one sided or two sided and in worse case it can be multi sided crash. But the damage that was supposed to done was already done then what is the point of starting a blame game or in worse case doing physical fight.
The main reason of starting the blame game and fight is that there is no proper dispute management system in Pakistan in case of road accidents and the powerful try to suppress the weak one. And then the police is called and on the basis of statements of the victims and the eye witness the decision is made. This is the reason why these cases are very easy to manipulate.
The solution of such problems is already figured out in the developed countries and the technology is also introduced in Pakistan. Some big cities of Pakistan including Islamabad and Lahore in the past 2 years CCTV are installed on the roads to ensure safety of the people. The Traffic police are also using this technology by issuing E-Fine which is posted to the home directly for the rules violation and the picture of car at the time of violation. This also aid in dispute management of road accidents and the correct decision can be made by using the Footage.

Insured and Non-insured Car rental Companies in Pakistan

There are a lot of car rental companies in every city of Pakistan and they are providing both insured and non-insured cars for rent in Pakistan. The companies which are providing insured car are charging a bit higher than those who are providing non-insured cars. But it has also been found that the car dealers sometimes do not tell about the insurance of the car and charged the clients in case of any accidents or a minor scratch on car.

With driver or without driver rent a car in Pakistan

Hence, If you are on a rented car in Pakistan and you hired the Rent a car without driver then you must know that in case of any accidents you will be liable for the loss of money and God forbade in the case of any death in that accident. And in the small amplitude of the case the scratch on the car or the tire burst will be also put in your account. It is highly recommended that you must go for with driver rent a car in Pakistan by paying some extra bucks instead of owning the liability of the expensive cars. And in case you are not comfortable with the driver and you want only self-drive car then you must go for Insured car Rental Company in Pakistan.

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Car and Bike accidents in Pakistan reports 2005 – 2019

In the official website of NTRC (National Transport Research Center) which is the R&D organization under the Ministry of Communication there are facts and figures of the roads accidents available on their website. The most of the accidents are recorded between the crash of Motorcycle and cars.
Cycles have been in use for the mankind for a long time. With the advancement of technology, the cycles have been replaced with the version of gasoline operated engines fitted in the structure of cycles. Hence these are named as “Motorcycles”. Motorcycles are introduced primarily for the mode of conveyance. These machines are also used in war, police and domestic use. The motorcycle which are also known as bikes are available in variety of shapes, colours and engine powers.
Racing and stunts are the very old concepts and was done on animals like horse, camels etc. so as the games like horse pegging are the craze of young people were also very popular. But these games are organized in a controlled environment where the safety is maintained properly. This reduces the risk of any fatal accidents. There are countries which support the games and athletes and the sports are encouraged.
But in a country like Pakistan the sports are not encouraged at a level where these are supposed to be promoted and encouraged. Therefore there are no proper tracks for driving or practicing the stunts. This is the reason why we see young boys are driving at high speed and also some are found to be doing stunts on the busy roads or in the narrow streets of the city where they are safe from the police and law enforcement agencies. There are a lot of other factors which stimulates the cause of doing one wheeling which are as follow:
• Cause 1: Impact of Stunts in Movies is a great source of influential for the teenagers. The movies are showing the animated effects of crazy driving which is humanly impossible. And when people try to do these stunts then they end up in accidents.
• Cause 2: One wheeling is a stunt which can be mastered by doing practice and hence the teenagers who see other pro bikers doing wheeling seem to be very easy task for them too. Therefore they also try to practice the one wheeling and then this becomes their habit.
• Cause 3: Doing one wheeling is also done sometimes to impress the public on public events such as 14 August or any other holidays where the people and families doing outing. They try to portray heroic effect by doing stunts on bikes and doing one wheeling.
• Effect 1: The first cause which I am going to discuss here is that these types of stunts when done in public or on busy roads causes Damages to other peoples vehicles and pedestrians who are walking on the road.
• Effect 2: Due to lack of resources and funds, it has been witnessed that the teenagers who are doing stunts on bikes in Pakistan do no wear safety gears and helmet which is necessary for saving the vital organs of the body such as skull, Spinal cord, Ribs, Eyes. Damage of vital parts of the body is the greatest loss ever for anyone because the organs are God gifted which have no alternative.
• Effect 3: One wheeling is also a kind of sports if and only if it is done in a proper way by considering the safety measures properly. The risk of fatal accidents is far greater in these types of motor racing or high speed automobile. In the past decade there are found to be 25k accidents has been reported in which the bikes didn’t survived.

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